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Good Life Marketing Testimonial Stringmania Music Camp

"We’ve got 20 more registrations than last year. We were very wordy and unclear prior to our consult with Good Life Marketing. After just one consult we now have a website that is much more aesthetically pleasing and more functional."

Good Life Marketing testimonial Dee Does Death

"They gently pulled it all apart, and put the whole thing it into perspective for me... I didn’t realise what I wanted and what I could actually handle until we’d talked that through."

Good Life Marketing Testimonial Kangaroos Island Handmade Artist

"I have just learned and gained so much from Good Life Marketing, it is ridiculous. You’ve got to see the value of your work, if you can’t see that, and you’re just charging willy-nilly some random price well you’re stupid aren’t you?"

Good Life Marketing Testimonial Kangaroos Island Jewellery  Artist

"Since coming to you I can understand why I haven’t had sales. The product was up to scratch but it was marketed incorrectly. Everything you put to us the other day... the explanation was brilliant! Just concise and clear and so illuminating."

Good Life Marketing testimonial Sage and Oak Wellness Postnatal

"You overthink it when it’s your own business. Having external experts who know what they're talking about was really helpful. They consistently showed me things I’d never thought about before and made it simple and easy to understand."

Good Life Marketing Testimonial from The Altar Electric

"Sarah was just so incredibly practical in the way she went about showing me what it was I didn’t know... She’s so clever at keeping things really, really simple."

Good Life Marketing Testimonial Kangaroos Island Jewellery  Artist

"They opened up my mind and inspired me to get off my butt! I was able to see the light shining at the end of the tunnel. Sarah is very open, she’s very honest. She won’t put down your product in anyway and works to a better outcome."


What We Do

Marketing & creative services to get your small business seen, known and loved.

Small Business Coaching

Two-to-one coaching. Grab a wine, hand over your woes and we'll simplify your overwhelm with sound marketing expertise.

Marketing Consulting

Deep-dive strategy sessions that uncover every blind spot and marketing opportunity throughout your entire business.

Creative Branding

Creative brand design services for small to medium businesses including logo, web design, business cards, content creation & retail styling.

Who dis?

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We are Sarah and Fidel, your resident small business marketing experts.

We’ve been running our own small businesses for 10 and 18 years respectively. Sarah’s been consulting and advising small-to-medium businesses on effective marketing strategies for 15 years.

We’ve also been working side by side on our joint micro business for the last six years, growing it to awesome success on zero-advertising budget.

Our Work

Here are real results we've helped small businesses achieve:

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Increased Sales
GLM small business marketing sales profit


“They showed us new ways of displaying our work, and we are very grateful. The customers feel better, they’re buying more, and we get some lovely comments!”

0 %
Increased Profit Margins
GLM handmade jewellery brand logo design


“The explanation was brilliant! Just concise and clear and so illuminating. You guys are just awesome brilliant and fantastic!.. I can’t thank you both enough.”

0 %
Product Prices Raised
GLM artist marketing public relations results


“You’ve shown me that people can and do charge the kinds of prices that make this a viable business. I wouldn’t be where I am right now without you two.” 

$ 0
Attendance Revenue Boosted
GLM music festival event photography marketing


“It was important to talk to people who would give us a no bullshit appraisal of our business model without fear of favour. People who only wanted to help us..”

Let's get started

Marketing isn't a dirty word.

It's good stuff that works wonders.
Let us help your small biz succeed. You're in good hands.

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