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Meet your resident small business marketing experts here at Good Life Marketing.

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Hey friend, we’re Sarah & Fidel.

It’s lovely to see you here.

We’re marketing experts who help small businesses get seen, known and loved by their perfect audience.

We are living our dream life on Kangaroo Island, SA. Our work has taken many forms over the years, but the core of each project has always been smart marketing. When we’re not working with small businesses, you’ll find us kayaking amongst the eagle rays, playing banjo on the porch and drinking phenomenal small batch wine.

Our values

A bucket load of good things we believe in that influence our work.


We don’t believe that marketing has to be a nasty, awful, pushy sales technique. Nobody wants that. And truly, good marketing doesn’t look anything like that. It looks like telling the authentic story of your brand to people who genuinely want to hear it. 


We are anti-hustle. There’s nothing wrong with working hard, but it MUST lead to working smart or you’re just creating a self-employed version of the rat race. Happiness is not ‘busy-ness’, and being busy is not success.


Success should be custom-defined by YOU. It might be about spreading good work, it might be about a certain amount of income, or it might be about recognition or passive income or freedom. 


Any work efforts that see you tethered to a computer, feeding the social media beast, slaving over vanity metrics, or fixated on indirect strategies that don’t lead to real success – this is pure nonsense. We believe in cutting through the crap to focus on real results only. Through smart marketing strategies, we create freedom.


Life is for the living. Work is enjoyable, beautiful, meaningful, but it is not all there is. A good life balance allows a great deal of time for pleasure, idleness, adventure, hobbies, social connections, involvement in causes close to your heart, and the pursuit of a satisfying collection of stories and experiences to enjoy for years to come.


Small business success can only be achieved when the insurmountable workload is simplified. We show you exactly what to reduce, eliminate, delegate and prioritise so you can stay on path. It’s about essentialism and minimalism. The easiest, most productive strategy is the best way forward. Without it, you get lost, overwhelmed and burnt out.

Who we work with

People who bring us cookies and wine.

We work with a range of small businesses including independent creatives, makers, artisans, retailers, cafes, bars, wineries, restaurants, and wellness services. What all our clients have in common is they do good work and have awesome faces.


What’s good work? It’s simple really. Our clients are offering something valuable to the world, no matter how small. It’s not mass-produced garbage. It’s personal, authentic, and sustainable work worth being proud of.

It is a precious privilege to know what you love doing.

If you’ve found what you’re good at and you do it with love, your work deserves to be seen, appreciated and enjoyed. And we want to help the world find you, or at least your people.

It doesn’t matter if your work creates massive or micro change. Pleasure comes from the simplest cup of tea to the finest handmade goods. Joy comes from healing hands and beautifully curated spaces. Every drop of good work fills our souls and makes life worth living.

The world needs passionate work. You owe it to your audience to get your creative contribution out there for them to experience – for them to have their lives touched by it in whatever small, humble way.

Good marketing is the pathway to sharing what you do with people who love it.

We cannot wait to tell your story.

Here's what we do

We help small businesses find clarity and direction.
By getting to the core of your business needs and clarifying your goals.

We help small businesses move forward with focus and confidence.
By showing you the quickest, easiest ways around every roadblock and sticky challenge.

We help small businesses create a clear plan of action.
With practical, easy-to-finish steps that keep you firmly on your path to success.

We help small businesses find their mighty roar.
By telling your unique brand story in creative ways that your audience will fall in love with.

We help small businesses take care of their entire marketing strategy.
So that you can get back to doing the work you love most.

Hello, I'm Sarah.

I’ve been consulting and advising small-to-medium businesses on effective marketing strategies for 15 years. I’m a marketing expert with a deep passion for small businesses.

I left my corporate job as a marketing manager to start my first small business over a decade ago. I had no financial backing, a mortgage to pay off, and I was entering an entirely new field that:

a) most people had never heard of
b) the few that had didn’t believe it was real
c) I’d never done anything like it before in my life

I adore an impossible challenge.

Failure was never an option, but it was also never a fear. I have always had remarkable intuition for the best path to business success. After consistently achieving more success than I could stay excited about, I started up another business.

This is where Fidel joins the adventure.

This business appeared to be trickier still. I wanted to see if it was possible to break the laws of the universe and make a living off a don’t-quit-your-day-job job. But to make it a bit more of a challenge, I decided to attempt to grow this business to success without spending a single dime on advertising. It worked brilliantly. But we’ll tell you that story in a minute. 

First, meet Fidel…

Hi, I'm Fidel.

I started my first small business 18 years ago, and it’s still going strong. I’m a small business coach and educator with plenty of patience and generosity. 

I love seeing people succeed. And I love empowering them to come out of their shell.

Successes aside, you should know that I’ve done hard times managing my own small biz over the years, so I know first-hand what you might be up against. 

I’ve been through every small business challenge you could imagine including balancing multiple jobs, supporting my family on a self-employed income, untimely tax audits, moving states & losing my entire customer base, changing industries and starting again as a complete beginner, major overwhelm, crumbling, meltdown… and ultimately breakthrough. 

I’ve been there, overcome that, and I am happy to say that I can help you find the easy pathways and hold ya hand along the way.

Our story

So we’ve been working side by side on our own joint business for the last six years. On our way to success, we broke a few small biz rules:

We picked the smallest target market in existence.
We started with zero capital or seed money.
We charged premium rates from day one.
We boycotted Facebook.
Participated in absolutely zero paid advertising.
Rejected every single industry expo + publicity opportunity.
Never wasted a second on subscription/email marketing.
Refused to work full-time.
Or supplement our income.
And turned down 60% of the jobs that came our way.

And despite bucking conventional ‘wisdom’, we achieved incredible success at the top of our niche. Why?

Two reasons.

    1. We love what we do
    2. Good marketing
      ..ahem, very very good marketing

Our small business success is totally repeatable. You can achieve it too. But frankly, we’d rather help you achieve whatever your version of success looks like.

Let’s take a look at how.

How we can help you

We offer coaching, consulting & creative services to get your business the attention it deserves.

How much work we do together is totally up to you. Ideally, we’d love to dive deep into your business workings and craft a comprehensive marketing strategy that’ll shift you into phenomenal growth.

If you’re not sure, you can always start with a single coaching session and go from there.

You can either DIY your marketing strategy with our expert advice. Or if you’d rather, we can take care of everything for you, from photography to content writing to search engine optimisation.

Whatever your small business marketing needs, we’ll show you the exact path to success.

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