Brand Strategy Tactics to Make Your Business Stand Out

Brand Strategy Tactics to Make Your Business Stand Out

I’m surrounded by sheep.

Right now, outside my window. Maybe 50 or 70 of them.

I don’t want to sound sheepist, but they all look the same. Some a bit older, some a bit dirtier. More or less the same.

I’d like to befriend them. But I can’t even tell them apart.

And that’s exactly how your business looks, without a brand strategy.

More or less the same as everyone else.

A business without a solid brand strategy can’t separate itself from the crowd. It gets swallowed by the noise. And customers can’t identify it, let alone fall in love with it.

Today I’m going to share with you my top 3 brand strategy tactics I use to help small businesses attract the attention they deserve.




You don’t get anywhere with an ugly brand.

If you’re not well-versed in brand identity, hire someone who is. 

Now I know, small businesses don’t usually have a spare $10-15K to splurge on a good designer. Yes, you CAN do some of it yourself. There are premade templates around that rock.

BUT, remember this:

If you’re using pre-made designs (like the mockups on Canva or website templates on Squarespace) try not to get swept up in what’s “in-style” right now.

This season’s trends will inevitably drop out of favour. Better to go with colours and styles that represent you, and what your brand stands for rather than trends.

Copying other brands is a sure way to get off track with your own. Focus instead on what your audience values, and what your brand stands for.

And if you don’t know exactly what that is yet, sort that out first.




Every small business has imperfections. 

No, they’re not cute. Not endearing. They’re more like adolescent acne.

Greasy, yellow pustules.

Great, big, obvious ready-to-burst pimples that send customers running and screaming in terror. And sneaky, festering cystic disasters just waiting to happen.

Gross, I know. But the ugliest truth is this:

As a business owner, you can only spot 30% of your brands’ flaws. Customers can spot about 60%. But they feel and respond to all of them.

Identifying and repairing business flaws is my expertise. I offer small business brand audits that identify the most significant problem areas and how to fix them. 

Or you can get started on your own.

Don’t gloss over the 30% you can see. If you’re aware of something average-busted-dirty-lacking in your business, fix it. Immediately. 



Forget Facebook. 

Ignore industry events. Trash your Twitter account.

Your marketing efforts should fit on a pinhead. Your business should appear exactly where your target market is when they’re looking to purchase your goods. Nowhere else. No other time.

Everything superfluous is a waste of your energy, dollars and effort.

So do the research first. Find out exactly where your audience is WHEN they intend to buy exactly WHAT you sell.

Sure, maybe it’s on social media. But just because “everyone” uses Facebook, doesn’t automatically make it the best path for reaching your ideal customers.

Take the time to understand your customers intimately. That way you can ensure your marketing strategy meets them where they want to be met – the precise time and place they’re happy to hear from you.



The best brand strategy isn’t complex. It’s simple and focussed. It champions doing things properly the first time, and putting your business forward in a blemish-free, memorable light.

If you follow the herd, you’re destined to be ignored, overlooked and forgotten.

Instead, build your business around a solid brand identity, fix your flaws quickly, and focus your marketing exactly where your audience want to see you. 

These three brand strategy tactics will set you apart from the crowd, and give your small business the best chance for success.

Happy days are ahead.


Brand strategist Sarah from Good Life Marketing


I’m here to help you work smarter, not harder. I teach passionate business owners how to charge premium prices, attract the best customers, save time and make money with ease.

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