How to Find the Right Business Coach for You

How to Find the Right Business Coach for You

Think you might be ready for a top notch business coach? 


The right coach can boost your success phenomenally. 

But there’s thousands of business coaches to choose from. And the wrong one can do more damage than a few dollars down the drain.

If you already understand what business coaching is and what you can get from it, you’re in the best position to get started. 

Now I’m going to show you how to choose the perfect business coach for you.

Let’s hop to it.

Business Coach Areas Of Expertise

Every business coach will have strengths and experience in working with a particular niche.

Some business coaches are focussed on career coaching and others in business management areas like leadership coaching and staff-management.

Then there’s coaches (like me) who specialise in small business coaching. Even within this niche, each coach will have their own skill-set. Mine, for example, focusses on marketing, branding, pricing and strategy.

The easiest place to start your coaching search is to shortlist business coaches who specialise in the areas you want to improve in your business.

Business Coach Styles

There are two distinct approaches to business coaching.

I go over this in more detail in my introduction to coaching. Here’s the main jist:


Similar to a life coach or personal therapist, an Accountability Business Coach acts as a facilitator, asking leading questions to help you discover your own answers. 


The Expertise-driven Business Coach is more like a consultant or mentor. Their focus is to provide you with direct knowledge and strategic advice. 

Let’s take a look at which approach suits you best:

How Much Time Do You Have?

How much time can you make available for coaching sessions?

Remember, this is dedicated time. No kids, no customers, no distractions.

Accountability business coaches love to meet regularly to chat about your plans and goals. So expect to commit to ongoing weekly or fortnightly sessions for the next 3-12 months.

Expertise-driven coaching doesn’t require high-contact. Sessions are either singular (1-3 hours) or project length (3 weeks – 3 months). Follow-up or repeat sessions may be available, but aren’t required.

What Do You Want Coaching For?

What’s your main reason for hiring a business coach?

Clarity? Direction? Help with increasing your prices? Getting more customers in the door? Strategies that save time? Making more sales? Advice on your marketing strategy? Or how to brand your small business?

Do you believe you already have the answers within you? Or do you believe that expert insight could be immensely helpful?

Do you want an Accountability coach to give you the time and space to come to your own conclusions, or do you need an Expert-driven coach to dive into your business and show you exactly how to supercharge it?

Are You Self-Motivated?

If you’re self-motivated and just need an expert to point you in the right direction, an Expertise-driven coach is for you.

If you need someone to check in on you and make sure you do your work, get an Accountability focussed business coach.

My Personal Approach To Business Coaching

I’m not big on Accountability coaching.

Here’s how I see it:

You are an awesome, accomplished, creative and brilliant business owner. I trust that you’re a capable adult, and you don’t need a business coach mothering you. You need ideas, assistance, clarity, direction, and maybe some instruction. But you don’t need babying.

I’m not keen to helicopter-parent you with regular check-ups.

Nor homework.

I disagree with excessive personal development exercises. This approach bolsters the coach more than it helps you.

Self-discovery is grand. Processes that dissolve your money and business blocks are totally worth your time. But extracurricular assignments without focus just waste your time. They hinder the real work.

That’s why I like Expertise-driven coaching. Less waffle. More results.

We can hone in on critical and powerful business transformation in a single session.

Business is business. Let’s get straight into it.

Business Coaching Results That Match

Beyond coaching approaches, you should look for evidence of success.

Choose a business coach that has results you’d be happy with. 

Look for actual proof: genuine testimonials, expert features in reputable publications, and damn good numbers.

Numbers like 60% product markups and 250% sales boosts that convert onlookers to raving fans

Results with businesses your size  – who cares what they achieved with a $30K marketing campaign when you’re on a $2K budget mission?

A Business Coach That Clicks With You

Proof is critical.

But you still have to click. 

It’s no good lining up with a coach with great results but icky vibes. 

The right coach for you will be the one you can be honest with. You don’t have to get all crazy-feely, but you do need to get to the heart of your business – the guts and soul, the why, the how and the challenges. 

So choose a coach you feel comfortable with – in their coaching style, their areas of expertise and personality.

A simple way to do this is to check out their photos and their words. Look them in the eye. Get to know them. Do you like what they say? Do you feel comfortable with them? 

Good coaches are specialists in their field. But they’re also ordinary humans. Make sure you like them.

A Final Word

All this information is helpful, but ultimately you have to trust your gut.

I bet you already know when a business coach is a good match for you. From the first moment you visit their website or see their face.

Follow your instincts. They’ll lead you to the best results.

There are plenty of coaches in this big ol’ ocean. 

If you think I’m right for you, read about my coaching sessions or get in touch

If not, just relax. I’m sure you’ll find your business angelfish soon enough.


Brand strategist Sarah from Good Life Marketing


I’m here to help you work smarter, not harder. I teach passionate business owners how to charge premium prices, attract the best customers, save time and make money with ease.

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