Success Stories

Here you’ll find business coach testimonials, in-depth case studies and results that follow on from the business coaching work I’ve done for my clients.


In a hurry? Here’s the short of it:

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94% product markup on handmade goods

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Retail shop sales increased by 221%

0 %

Off-season product sales average increased 250%

0 %

Artisan maker profit margins increased 264%

0 %

Independent artist product prices raised by 333%

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Small business service value increase of 2083%

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$26.8K revenue boost for non-profit organization

Read the case studies & business coach testimonials below for more information.

And here are some quick stats from businesses whose brand names must be protected for confidentiality:

  • Business 1: Rates tripled from $50/hr to $149/hr for service-based business
  • Business 2: Work hours reduced by 47% without loss of value for customers
  • Business 3: Social media following boosted by 304% in 9 months
  • Business 4: Retail store slowest month earnings increased by 848%
  • Business 5: 5595% price increase for an SA-based national brand

Client Reviews + Case Studies

Small business coaching for jewellery brand


“It’s so refreshing to have someone come in with a different set of eyes and see things that we either can’t see or might not be willing to see. It’s a totally eye-opening sensation.”

Business coaching case study for TAE brand


“Sarah thinks outside the box, but inside the box. She thinks that little bit left of centre. I don’t have to be some strategic marketing genius. She speaks in terms that are just so simple and easy. Oh my god. It just made sense.” 

Craft Business: KI Spinners & Weavers retail marketing consultation


“The correct display is hugely important, and Good Life Marketing has taught us that. Sarah has an eye for detail and visual merchandising that we just didn’t have.”

Business Coaching for small business in funeral industry


“You can pay all these people, all these amounts of money and they give you advice and then they just clean their hands. But Sarah really cares and wants you to be your best, and she wants you to take that advice and action it. She takes your hand and walks you through it.”

Creative artist business coaching


“I’ve just learned and gained so much from Good Life Marketing, it is ridiculous. I have earned more money from sales. There’s more pride in my work and I feel happy to see my work being appreciated both financially and aesthetically.” 


Business coach testimonials - Stringmania - Melody, Darwin NT

We were excited to get some clear and targeted advice from Good Life Marketing. Not having outside input meant we were sometimes working in a bit of an echo chamber. It was important to talk to people who are far removed, with no vested interest. People who would give us a no bullshit appraisal of our business model without fear of favour. People who only wanted to help us. 

The biggest challenge was hitting upon a consistent and clear marketing strategy and narrowing the focus of what we wanted to hone in on. To avoid the website being too wordy and an unclear designs, making a consistent brand so that anyone can easily understand who we are and what we’re about. 

Being the person who’s leading that team you do feel a lot of pressure to make the right decisions. At the end of the day those decisions rest upon your shoulders. But you’re also trying to incorporate everyone’s ideas. There’s an element of risk and an element of fear.

We were so lucky to get your help! The immediate result was a renewed confidence in what I was doing and a much improved and streamlined website. It was as if a weight had been lifted and we stopped second guessing ourselves, or at least reduced it quite a bit.

In our discussion I realised I was taking on more than I could handle. The idea of realising that I’m allowed to delegate. Even more importantly the fact that I should be delegating, that lifted a weight off my shoulders.

After our meeting with you, we felt crystal clear on the direction of what needed to be done and of the message we needed to spread. We were able to articulate our long term goals and decisions. 

Our website is much more streamlined in it’s approach. We were very wordy and unclear prior to our consult. Now we now have a website that is both much more aesthetically pleasing and more functional, and a much more targeted social media presence. 

We’ve also focused our keywords and targeted our content so that it reaches our demographic. This was something we didn’t even really understand until you helped us see why our site wasn’t working the way it should.

Targeted keywords and content seems to be working now, because when we ask people how they heard about us, we’re pleased to hear that they found us on google. Our site is so much better than it was, people are able to find us through the website (and have a better understanding of what it is that we do). We already have 20 more registrations than last year. 

The photography you took is a large part of what has significantly improved the website. They communicate the right message. We were able to better capture the experience and the feelings of happiness. This made it a lot easier for people to engage with it and connect and imagine themselves at the camp.

I loved that you didn’t have any pre-concieved ideas about what Stringmania had to be. You allowed us the space to think outside the box, to throw around some different ideas whilst still expertly holding our hands and guiding us to where we wanted to go. We were able to really work through the processes and ideas and get an objective and external perspective.

Our consultation freshened up my own thinking about it. So I had a much clearer message to communicate to my committee. Honestly, it just helps the whole thing work better.

Melody O’Meara, Committee Chair of Stringmania – Darwin, NT


Business coach testimonials - wellness business - Laura, Melbourne VIC

I wanted to rebrand my business. I was really stuck on which direction to go in with the business name. I’ve got all these ideas that I want to do with my business and my name didn’t suit. 

It was really hard to pick a name to fit in with everything that I’m thinking of doing. I think that’s why it was really hard, I just couldn’t get my head around it. 

I’d been networking with friends. Prior to talking to you I got a lot of ideas from colleagues. I’d asked one friend, and her idea was basically, the next name you come up that feels right, you’re taking that name. And I was so over it, that I agreed with that idea. But after speaking to Sarah I realised how important good branding actually was, and she helped me think more clearly about how to name and brand my business.

I was just really, really confused and lost ready to give up and keep the same name. I had also spoken to a graphic designer who said she loved it. But she was looking at it from a graphic perspective. But is it actually a really good name? I think it’s good to have an opinion of someone who actually understands marketing. 

My naming and branding is something that I’ve been working on for months. Now it’s a weight off my mind.

Sarah’s advice was so helpful and so clear, I’m so grateful for her generosity in sharing her expertise with me. She consistently gave me sound advice that helped me with my branding.

One thing I didn’t even know was a challenge before chatting to you was doing all the keyword stuff. I didn’t even know it was a challenge, but looking back I see it was. I

I’d never cared about that kinda stuff. Sarah helped me explore relevant keywords. It just meant I started thinking about what words people actually used. Because it’s important to be true to myself, but also important to reach the people who need my services. 

That was something I hadn’t thought about before, like how to bring people to my website or to find me more easily. The keywords were a really big change for me. I felt more confident in what I was doing. 

She also explained how to improve my web content. She consistently showed me things I’d never thought about before and made it simple and easy to understand.

Since then I’ve decided on a name and I’ve done the branding and I’ve got the new logo. I feel much clearer in my direction and grateful I have the smarts of someone like Sarah in my corner. 

I loved having a second person to throw ideas at – someone who is an expert in marketing.

You overthink it when it’s your own business. Having Sarah as someone who knows what she’s talking about and is external was really helpful. Especially as I’d spent months questioning myself and trying to figure out what I should do!

Laura Colbert, CEO of Sage & Oak – Yarra Valley, VIC


Business coach review - MJE South Australia

My jewellery brand was suffering from a lack of sales. 

I felt subdued and I wasn’t bothering replacing any earrings that sold. What was the point of making them if they’re not selling? I just didn’t have the interest. 

Putting in all that effort to create something that I thought was beautiful, but no one wanted to buy them. I didn’t know what was wrong. I ended up stopping production and leaving gaps in the display at the gallery. I just couldn’t be bothered. 

Since working with Sarah, I can understand why I haven’t had sales, presentation and the marketing and everything you put to us the other day. The product was up to scratch but it was marketed incorrectly. I’m a bleedin’ carpenter, I don’t sell things!

I think the most important thing that she did for me at the start was to give me a sense of understanding. When I say that, I mean, marketing and sales has never been something I’ve been into.. it’s just, blergh.

Some people are bargain hunters, thrifty, good at sales and good at negotiating, but not me. That’s just not who I am. 

But Sarah opened my eyes and rekindled my enthusiasm.

I felt really informed and I felt really happy and the understanding and beginning to see why I couldn’t sell my earrings. And then turning it around to how that could happen, and having that explained to me. 

The explanation was brilliant! Just concise and clear and so illuminating. 

Also, she pointed out the way other makers were doing their displays and taking up so much room, and I’d never considered that I could take up some space myself! I wasn’t really looking at the jewellery from the right perspective.

The best bit about the consult was that I was able to sit there and listen. Not just hearing, I was really listening. Sarah got something out of me that not many other people can do.

And apart from feeling happy, I feel like I can have success at what I’m doing rather than just muddling through and wondering what the hell is happening. So I’m feeling very, very positive and excited about what is about to happen. 

Sarah, you are just awesome brilliant and fantastic! I can’t thank you enough and we love working with you.

Michael James Edwards, Founder of MJE Jewellery – South Australia