Colour Palette Ideas For Your Small Business Branding

Colour Palette Ideas For Your Small Business Branding

Need some fresh colour palette ideas for your business? You’re in good luck today.

Whether you’re doing a brand refresh or starting a new small business, you’ll find original and unique colour combinations that’ll help your business stand out.

Here’s 10 new and modern colour schemes to inspire your brand in the right direction. 

For the most effective branding, you should stick with a small colour palette.

That’s why each palette you’ll find here features just 3-4 colours. This will allow you to create a consistent and recognisable look across your website, logo, business cards, branded social posts, packaging and signage. 

Each unique colour palette includes both neutrals and statement colours in bold, earthy tones. These subtly muted shades are perfect for small businesses offering high quality products and services across a range of industries.

Let’s dive in and find your new colour scheme. 

Business colour palette idea


Our first colour palette idea is a generalist. Perfectly suited to a range of industries. This palette pairs desaturated slate and camel with subtle shades of wine and smoke. The brand message is classy and modern. A refreshing take on a classic palette. It works equally well for masculine, feminine, unisex and gender-neutral branding. Use this colour combination to complement contemporary products and premium pricing.

Minimalist brand colour palette idea


I adore this colour palette, combining forest green with ecru and a dusty clay.  These colours lend well to organic or minimalist brands, with just a hint of feminine charm. The combination calls forth earthy experiences of nature – bush land, clay, stone, linen. Even flat use of these colours can awaken the senses with texture and depth. There’s a freshness and a subdued quality. Sophisticated and organic. Independent designers and makers can utilise this palette for sustainable fashion, accessories, skincare and beauty products. Alternatively, health and wellness businesses such as yoga studios, spas, salons and alternative therapy services can reinforce grounding, trustworthy messages with this palette.

New business colour palette idea


Bam! This palette is perfect for bursting into a new industry. Whether you’re starting a new brand or rebranding an existing business in a new direction, this palette demands attention. And yet, there’s nothing garish in the combination. That festive paprika is tempered with warm graphite and silver-pink. The duck egg blue, used sparingly, keeps the palette fresh and summery. This colour combination is adventurous, wandering, and free-spirited without crossing the line into typical boho gypsy colourings. Consider this palette in place of blatant bright gelato combinations for summer fashion brands, designer textiles, kids clothing, fun stationery, statement jewellery, refreshing food and beverage products, pop up shops or light and bright cafés.

Luxury brand colour palette


A luxe combination. Sophisticated and grounded. Deep olive, smoked eggplant and coconut. It’s a playful combination without excessive volume. Non-conformist. Composed. Pushing boundaries. This is luxury redefined for the modern market. Use this combination for contemporary luxury products – everything from artisan chocolate to small batch wine to linen homewares. If you use large portions of the olive or eggplant, focus on one at a time. Use the coconut to keep everything in balance. You can add a lighter neutral in the same coconut shade, but you don’t need to. Think about fonts here. Colour palettes are important, but there’s so much more to visual branding than colour.

Modern business colour palette


Feminine. Brisk. Playful. This modern pastel colour palette features an uncommon combination of eucalyptus, flint, amaretto and cadet grey. You can use this across multiple industries. It works for everything from chic-minimalist restaurants to organic skincare products, designer homewares, candles, soaps and ethical fashion labels. These colours work well against light, neutral backgrounds. They can also be used to add colour to brands with predominantly neutral toned products by way of packaging design or swing tags.

Small business colour palette


This combination of cool silver, sanguine and blue glacier is perfect for the winter lovers. Inspired by the colours of nature’s great event, the salmon run. This palette arouses guts and glory. Use it for brands that stand for adventure and expedition, whether the journey is inner or outer. Think travel products, craft distilleries, items made of ground-breaking materials, and brands at the forefront of innovative design. This colour palette idea is one for the trail blazers, bold and fearless. 

Feminine brand colour palette


Feminine branding, modernised. Sand, strawberry, persian floss and mulberry. This is a very refreshing take on ‘feminine’ brand colours. Loads of warmth and generous helpings of pink in uplifting tones. Use in small businesses catering to women, brands creating fun products, and sweet delights. Self-care friendly. Treat yourself!

Brand colour palette idea


Colours plucked from a stormy sky across the roofline of a coastal town. Latte, slate, terracotta. An exceptionally diverse colour palette. It looks entirely different depending on the balance of colours. Favour more slate for a restrained brand, more terracotta for a connecting brand. This colour palette is at home in fashion labels, ceramics, boutiques and retail stores, bars and restaurants, galleries and wellbeing brands. 

Brand colour palette


The inspiration for this colour palette developed over trips up the east coast of Australia. Eucalyptus, marine blue, sand and soil. From the dry forests, through the sub-tropical mid-coast and up to the tropical rainforests. Brand story can be woven into every element of your business, starting with your colour palette. This combination can be utilised across all industries. If your business takes inspiration from, or has any connection to Australia and its landscapes, choose a colour palette that incorporates that story.

Australian business colour palette


Like the previous colour palette, this one takes inspiration from natural colours. This time, the colours are avian. The kookaburra is a terrestrial kingfisher known for its distinctive laughing call, helper-parenting behaviour and sausage-stealing habits. It is equal parts nurturing and cocky. Calling late into the setting sun to mark their territory. These colours are found in the feathers of the laughing kookaburra. Perfect for a business that’s nurturing, a little brazen and impossible to ignore.


I hope you’ve enjoyed these new colour palette ideas. Feel free to use them in your own small business branding. Or save your favourites to your Pinterest account for later. 

Colours can say so much about a business. And they’re just one element of branding. When you know what you want your brand to feel like, what emotions and messages you want to convey, you’re in a great place to start on your brand visuals.

A great colour palette, along with good fonts and a memorable logo will set you up for success. Your business cards, signage, website and product packaging can come together easily once your core branding is set. 

Remember to stay true to the main message of your brand, and don’t be waylaid by competitors or distractions. 

Let’s see your true colours shining through.


Brand strategist Sarah from Good Life Marketing


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