Excellent Business Wisdom: Everything Is Going to Be Okay

Excellent Business Wisdom: Everything Is Going to Be Okay

Business is risky, we’re constantly reminded. But everything is going to be okay. It’s true for me, and it’s true for you too.

If you want it to be. 

“Everything’s okay” is a mind-frame. It has little to do with outside circumstances, and a whole lot to do with what thoughts you keep thinking and acting on.

As a small business owner, you can put yourself in a position that’s vulnerable to every change. Or you can choose to become resilient, confident and successful, no matter what.

It’s all about what you say to yourself, what you believe, and how you make business decisions based on those beliefs.

Today, I’m going to talk you through the most important concepts that will help you find peace, relief and opportunity in the knowing that everything is going to be okay.


This past year has been an epic one for me.

We watched in shock as destructive bushfires wiped out half of our beautiful island. Followed immediately by the whirlwind of Covid-19 that’s had such a direct impact on business – I’m sure you know exactly what I mean!

Add to that the stress of trying to buy a house, and/or quickly find a new rental in a market with literally zero listings. And one of our side businesses in a Covid-compromised industry falling into a state of unavoidable dormancy.

I bet you’ve experienced your own personal blend of uncertainty, aftermath and distress. It sure has been a hell of an interesting year!

But when it looks like things aren’t working out, they often are. 

Perhaps not yet, and perhaps not in the way you expect, but hindsight will reveal the ‘why’ eventually.

In the meantime, all you can do is surrender. Drop your shoulders. Unfurrow your brow. Breathe. Sigh if you like. Lean back in your chair, or lie down on the grass. 

Let your body experience the feeling of trust.



Everything IS going to be okay. It starts with trust. 

Trust that things are working out. Decide that things always do, and will, work out for the best. Believe that good things happen to you, and for you. And that there’s always a reason for things to shift in unexpected ways.

Trust means changing your mind-frame. Drop the bitching and moaning, pick up a little crumb of satisfaction. Search for the positive in any situation. Yes, especially this one.

Find things to focus on that feel good, reassuring, smile-worthy. Anything counts. Warm sunshine, fresh almonds, soft lips, hot showers, the call of a baby magpie, walking barefoot, the crackle of vinyl, the healing power of a few deep breaths.

You can learn to replace shitty feelings with good ones, just by focussing on the tiniest pleasures and blessings. This initiates trust. From here, it gets easier to train yourself into knowing that everything really is going to be ok.


Given that everything is going to be the way it’s going to be, we’re left with an actually useful and productive question instead: “What are you going to do about it?”

Seth Godin

Bam! Something shakes your world. Threatens your work. Undermines your plans for a comfortable, uncomplicated business.

As Seth Godin says, if we define whatever happens as okay, then it will be. The most important variable is how you’ll respond to it.

I believe the easiest and most productive way forward can be summed up as “flow”. To flow is to move from one place to another in a steady stream. And that’s what you need to do.

Flow might look like action, or it might look like acceptance. You might feel like you’re floating on a gentle summer breeze, or expertly white water rafting over rapids. 

You’ll know the right pace and direction when you learn to receive your own wisdom. The path gets very, very clear.


Receiving your own wisdom, or business intuition, is essential to moving forward in the right direction. It reveals to you how everything is going to be okay.

Business intuition is by far the most underdeveloped skill in small business owners. You could almost succeed on intuition alone, if your ability to receive that intuition was strong and clear.

The way to build intuition is to slow down and create space for it. 

When you develop your ability to listen and respond to your gut feelings, you’ll know exactly what path to take in response to any crisis, epidemic, or upheaval.

As an added bonus, you’ll develop business wisdom for handling the good times too, taking advantage of disguised opportunities and optimising your actions for better-than-expected success.


Intuition gives you the inspiration for which course to take. The decision to pivot your business, or hang in there kitty, is easy to make when you’re following your own inner knowing.

Of course, experts help. You don’t automatically know how to price your wares, write your own product descriptions, brand yourself or market to the right people.

A brand strategist can help you steer your ship into safer waters, or richer waters, depending on what you know in your guts to be the right path for your business.

When you trust your intuition, you learn to take brave leaps towards a better future. You gain the confidence to ignore the anxiety-mode reflexes everyone else seems to be enacting. You get to choose your own adventure, knowing that the most enjoyable and rewarding path for you is the one you choose of your own accord.

You no longer choose to swim into a panic-stricken bait ball for the sharks to pick off. You chart your own course to your own version of success.


Everything is going to be okay. Really, it is.

It doesn’t matter if you choose this path or that, get it right or get it wrong. It will all work out in the end. 

Even failures teach us. Getting it wrong is still a pretty decent long-term strategy for learning to get it right.

Go easy on yourself, and relax into the unknown.

The more you learn to surrender, trust, flow, receive intuition and navigate your own waters, the easier it becomes to jump from uncertainty to success.

You’ve got this, dude. You’re going to be fine.


Brand strategist Sarah from Good Life Marketing


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