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Small business on a mission

Connie Foyle is a driven, principled and tender-hearted creative.

She started her small handmade jewellery business in response to the epic waste created in the building industry.

To the average eye, laminate samples are just a stepping-stone to building your new kitchen. But Connie saw an opportunity to reduce landfill and produce gorgeous earrings at the same time.

Inspired by the vibrant colours and textures, her small jewellery business was born.

I started working with Connie 18 months into her business, after the initial buzz of sales subsided.


The transition from 'business' to 'brand'

When I started working with Connie, her handmade jewellery business was at odds with itself.

The earrings she made were high quality, but the branding didn’t convey that.

Eager to share the story of the earrings, from discarded samples to beautiful jewellery, Connie had used laminate swatches as the earring backing card. 

Glued to the back was a printed spiel explaining the origins of the concept. A good idea, but the words focussed more on the maker than the customer. An easy mistake most creative makers are guilty of. 

The name of the brand at the time, Swatcha Doin, wasn’t helping either. Cute, yes. High quality, no.

Product competed with packaging. High quality fixtures looked low quality amongst the clashing colours. 

Connie had tried multiple display stands based around driftwood and reclaimed timber, but none showed off the earrings to their fullest potential.

Jewellery display stand before rebranding
BEFORE: The earring card & display stand prior to rebranding

Developing the brand story

The business was making reasonable sales, but I could see how much potential there was for better sales with a complete brand overhaul.

A good brand strategy should always start at the beginning. So together we talked through the origin story, brand styles and values that were important to Connie.

We decided the brand should feel fresh and playful, and centred on the things that give Connie the most joy in life.

It didn’t take long for puppies Banjo and Maisie to stick their wet noses in. There’s nothing Connie loves more than her fur kids!

Banjo and Maisie watch over Connie as she works on her jewellery. She’s inspired by their colours, and their insistence on work breaks for a healthy work-life balance.

Indeed, the new brand name for Connie’s handmade jewellery business was right there under her feet. Rebranding as Banjo + Maisie felt like the perfect direction to take.

Brand identity for small business Banjo + Maisie
Banjo supervising over the jewellery workstation.

The new brand identity

Along with the new brand name, Banjo + Maisie needed a whole new look.

The old bark display stands were retired. And a new, custom jewellery display stand was designed out of recycled materials, handcrafted locally and painted charcoal, ready to hold the new display cards.

Out went the punctured laminate samples, in a new, sophisticated earring backing card.

The custom designed earring cards (which double as a business card) offer a sharp, high-contrast base for Connie’s brightly coloured jewellery.

Fresh, modern and playful, they position the uplifting range of earrings in full view – no longer competing with loud backgrounds for attention.


Handmade earring brand business cards
A complete transformation of the creative brand identity by Good Life Marketing

As the brand is stocked in art galleries, these jewellery cards have a hard task – to sell without a shop attendant. 

It’s a mega job. 

Competing with other offerings that are typically larger, and accompanied by artist statements, it was crucial to come up with some great marketing words.

So the back of the card features an endearing spiel about the earrings – their best features, and the brand story, right down to the furry pups.

And it works like magic.

Within the first week of their re-release, Connie sent me this message:

“Hi Sarah. Fred (gallery owner) has given me some lovely feedback. When people look at the earrings, the spiel on the cards makes them fall in love with the artist. They’ve already sold a dozen pairs.”

Upgrading with product photography

The new brand identity was backed with a photoshoot including individual product shots and lifestyle shots.

Professional brand photos are crucial for handmade brands. These can be used to boost online sales, attract new stockists and press attention. 

They’re also essential for social media posting.

Strong imagery and consistent branding help boost public awareness of your business. And the Banjo + Maisie brand name has become a trustworthy and reputable supplier for its stockists. 

All the small things matter. When it comes to branding, it pays to get the finest details right. Everything from your colour palette to your brand voice needs to be consistent, enticing and trustworthy.

Small business coaching for jewellery brand
Product photography supports brand awareness and sales

Pricing handmade jewellery

Figuring out how to price your goods is tough for makers. And Connie was no exception:

My biggest challenge was breaking out of old school routines. I didn’t see the value in what I was doing with the upcycling. I felt that there was a limited scope as to how much I could sell.

When you’re running your own handmade business, you’re deep in the work. You rarely have the ability or capacity to see from the outside.

It’s easy to lose connection to your belief in your product.

I felt like there were limited venues and I felt closed in, and I was gradually losing interest. I’d looked around, but I couldn’t see myself selling in any of the stores near me, they all have their own unique things. I was losing interest in making and selling my earrings. 

Connie was afraid her earrings wouldn’t sell if she raised the prices. But that’s exactly what needed to happen for sales to increase.


“She’s opened up my mind and inspired me to get off my butt! 
I was able to see the light shining at the end of the tunnel. After the consultation, I felt like I could break out into a bigger market and bigger distribution. I now feel like I’m able to bring my jewellery to more people.”

Connie Foyle, Banjo + Maisie jewellery

Selling more by raising prices

Thorough research showed that Connie could raise her prices as much as 130%. But that’s a daunting number for a small business.

So we agreed to test two new price points in different stockists. 

One outlet featured Banjo + Maisie’s everyday range, increased by 27% – the minimum I advised to break the ‘too cheap’ barrier to purchase. Her premium products went to a luxury stockist at an increase of 94%.

Much to her delight, sales didn’t drop at all. 

In fact, they tripled.

Here’s the impact this strategy had on the Banjo + Maisie brand:

0 %
Product Markup
0 %
Unit Sales Increase
0 %
Profit Boost
0 %
Overall Sales

How does it feel?

It’s exciting to see a micro business like Banjo + Maisie TRIPLE their sales. 

But most important is how it makes Connie feel:

It’s so good. Sarah solved my problems with selling. And rebranding my earrings and the displays – the new backings with a beautiful graphic design – it’s everything! 

Sarah can see things I couldn’t see, because I’m set in my ways, she has a wide vision and the ability to see possibilities for what my earrings could be and do.

It’s so refreshing to have someone come in with a different set of eyes and see things that we either can’t see or might not be willing to see. It’s a totally eye opening sensation. But also to have someone like Sarah who can see things through the eyes of the older generation and then bring that forward into modern day marketing to help us reach more people.

Sarah is very open, she’s very honest. She’ll work in with you, she won’t belittle you in any way. 

She won’t put down your product in any way and she works to a better outcome. And the outcome arrived immediately and it was solved. It was such a quick turnaround to find the solution. 

The Banjo + Maisie brand name stands for more than just jewellery – it’s about ingenuity, bold vision, and a determination to create positive change in the world, no matter how small. 

Connie makes quality jewellery, and she cares. Her small business deserves good marketing and increased return.

And there’s still plenty of room to increase profits without increasing work-load.

But there’s value in staying small, too. ‘Growth for growth’s sake’ isn’t a good business plan. But neither is working hard and undercharging. And Connie can see the benefit of getting the profit-lifestyle balance right.

It’s been a pleasure to help boost her handmade jewellery business into the spotlight where it belongs.

Brand strategist Sarah from Good Life Marketing


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