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1-on-1 with Sarah

As a strategic business coach, I’m a lover of no-nonsense, grounded and practical action. Working with me will be intense, deeply inspiring and incredibly pragmatic. I promise you will receive the full benefit of all of my focus, energy, decades of experience, phenomenal perception and razor-sharp intuition. 

I’ll show you how to work smarter and boost profits. I’ll show you what attracts and repels your customers. I will not sugar-coat anything. You don’t need BS. You need concrete steps, honest words, and the wisdom of someone who can spot the gold in your business shadow. If you’re ready, let’s get wild.

Strategic Business Coaching Session

A 1-on-1  strategic business coaching session on the phone with Sarah.


What to expect:

During the session, we’ll explore what’s most important to you. This is a completely flexible consultation where you can pick my brain on any business or work-life topic, no holds barred. 

We might revamp your brand strategy, repair the gaping hole in your customer experience, map out a solid plan to boost your profits, uncover problems that are repelling clients, restructure your schedule so you can have a joyful life outside of work, eliminate a glut of fruitless activities to save you time and money, or renew your sense of self-worth and love for your work, giving you the confidence to take massive leaps forward.



Sessions are $997 AUD and run for approximately 1.5 hours.


How it works:

You’ll contact me with your business details and a few brief lines about where you want to take it. I’ll send you my 12 vital questions to fill out and return in preparation for your session. I’ll research your business by reviewing your brand presence and questionnaire responses. We’ll have an epic 90 minutes of business brainstorming, revelations and life-changing advice to get you where you want to be with your business. Then you’ll head back out into your business with a supercharged vision, momentum and a practical roadmap to make your business thrive.



Sessions are booked 1-3 weeks in advance.

" I’ve learned and gained so much from Sarah. It is just ridiculous."
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Ros Stoldt
Eco Artist

Strategic Business Partnership

A month-long partnership with Sarah working as a business strategist on your team.

How it works:

You’ll contact me with your business details and a few brief lines about where you want to take it. I’ll send you my 12 vital questions and review your business. We’ll have two phone strategy sessions – one at the start of our month partnership, and another at the end. I may contact you requesting information like sales figures or web stats. I might assign you tasks to complete to fast-track your business growth. Then I’ll compile all my best ideas, revelations and suggestions into a manageable agenda for our end-of-month meeting. Here we’ll talk through every opportunity and create the greatest strategy towards your business success, prosperity, joy and satisfaction. 


$4997 AUD for a 1 month partnership


– 2 x 1.5 hour business strategy sessions
– 24/7 brainstorming and concept development
– tasks and actionable deliverables for your team
– any additional email + phone communications as required

What to expect:

This brain is hungry for business problems to solve. It runs 24 hours a day. Behind the scenes, I’ll be putting my mind to great use on your business at ungodly hours. I’ll be jotting down brilliant ideas at 4am, formulating creative problem solving strategies on my daily walks, and spending countless hours researching new avenues and angles instead of cooking myself meals. I’ll be working on the jigsaw puzzle of your business and strategies to make it fit your desired work/life balance.  At the end, you’ll walk away with a revitalised vision and complete step-by-step roadmap that will enable your business to soar to extraordinary success – ones that perfectly match the business and lifestyle you want.

Things you should know:

There’s no hour count. You get my best ideas whenever they strike. And once my mind is put to task, you can be sure I’ll be getting hits of inspiration and revelation incessantly. That translates to a workload and work output level that far surpasses the efforts of the most eager business partner. I work on your business as though it’s my own. We’re raising this love child together, and I’ll need you to be on the ball with tasks and requests. I need time and space to do my best work for you. I don’t make myself available for endless interruptions. My wonderful team will take care of most correspondence, and I’d ask that you save up non-critical questions for our meetings.


So that each business gets my best work, I offer no more than 2 business partnerships at a time.
Enquire for current availability.

" Sarah just has a natural ability. She takes your hand and walks you through it."
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Deanne Brinsmead
Dee Does Death

Smarter work, better life.

You deserve a great life.

And a remarkable business doing what you love.

You don’t have to sacrifice one for the other. You don’t have to hustle, stress and struggle your way there. You don’t need to fight the social media gods to be seen. You don’t need to discount, plead or negotiate with clients. Having a successful business is so much easier than you’ve been led to believe. I want to show you how you can throw out the rules that don’t serve you and create a wildly profitable business that fills you with joy.

Are you sick of working hard and getting nowhere fast?
Can you see the potential of your biz but struggle to get it there?
Are you smart, motivated, powerful, and a little overwhelmed?

It’s ok. You’re in the right place. 

This is a rite of passage you need to get through to open the doors to massive success. You’re ready for a breakthrough. And I’m honoured to offer my skills as a strategic business coach, and guide you smack-bang into the heart of it.

Tears. Giggles. Snorts. Gasps. Sighs. Profanities. All welcome.
Let me show you how to be exactly who you are and create the business you truly want.

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AU $997


AU $4997

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